Disco Babies

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    Disco Babies is a dance theatre performance that presents a thought provoking, comedic and emotive look into today's world of competitive freestyle disco through the eyes of 4 child competitors. Using an amalgamation of highly physical dance, brilliantly bold costumes and high-velocity music Silversmith Dance Theatre immerse the audience in the experiences of the competitors to reveal what attracts people to this strange, extreme and superficial world, and the complexities of human nature that can arise from high level competing.
    Disco Babies is inspired by the Channel 4 documentary Strictly Baby Disco and artistic director Lorraine Smith's own childhood experiences as a competitive disco dancer. Audiences will be engaged in questioning their preconceptions of the world of modern freestyle disco, their own childhood experiences and the experiences children have in today’s Society.
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    Publication statusPublished - 23 May 2013

    Bibliographical note

    Lorraine Smith (Silversmith Dance Theatre 2006-2014) uses the art of dance and storytelling to create gripping intimate live performance, revealing the delicacies and complexities of how environments and social structures affect identity and human interactions. Lorraine constantly engages in practice based research through performance, always creating with an aim to evolve choreographic knowledge and approaches. Research includes the creation and performance of character for live performance.
    Choreographer: Lorraine Smith
    Composer: Patrick Furness
    Costume: Nadia Malik
    Perfomers: Gina Biggs, Morena de Leonardis, Chris Mead, Lauren Okadigbo.

    Work-in-progress performances at Oxford House, Salisbury Arts Centre, Chisenhale Dance Space, Battersea Arts Centre.

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