Fold, unfolding between the quotidian and the de-void: NEXUS – PAPER 2015

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During 2014 research visits to Fukuako, Kyushu Province and Kyoto in Japan explored aspects of traditional making, craft techniques and and handcrafting. Research particularly focused on the production of Kozo and Gampi papers with visits to craft makers.Investigation and innovation with paper techniques including the use of starch, lazer cutting and folding techniques were juxtapostioned with traditional screen printing techniques to explore a relationship between the ordinary in the image, materiality and its relation to the everyday – the embodied. One of the artefacts arising from the research and development process, Vetements 1 exists in two forms; the two dimensional and, taking the Japanese approaches to clothing seen in the work of Miyake and Yamamoto, Wasi Sabi and Ma, expanding from flatness to the three dimensional and worn. The work was selected for exhibition by curator and artist Kakuko ishii for the Nexus Paper international exhibition 2015 and the Sofia paper art fair, Bulgaria by Daniela Todorova in 2016
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 25 Mar 2015


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