How postgraduates, through KTP’s, can serve as a bridge of experience between SME’s and practicing students

Lewis Brown, Nina Bedding

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Our case study will explain how developing business relationships thatplace enterprise in the curriculum, enhancing the student experience andcreating employment opportunities through knowledge transfer activitiescan change business/university relationships. We will explain how strategicdesign application can generate new revenue streams and how Knowledge TransferPartnerships can serve as a bridge of learning between SME’s and practicingstudents.

Our case study will focus on Product Design graduate, LewisBrown, during his role in a Knowledge Exchange Partnership (KTP) with North East accessibility equipment manufacturerNYMAS, in which Lewis has a challenging, ‘intrapreneurial' role. More on thisin the case study.


During this highly illustrated presentation, we will explainhow this KTP has facilitated a connection between NYMAS and TeessideUniversity, in which NYMAS has had multidisciplinary academic support from theMIMA School of Art & Design, the School of Computing, Engineering &Digital Technologies and the School of Health & Life Sciences.

We will include an overview of the KTP and its objectives.Analysing how through a user-centred approach using university resources, bothacademic and physical, NYMAS are developing a creating a portfolio of innovativeaccessibility bathroom products. Furthermore, we will illustrate howNYMAS is giving back to the university in relation to student engagement e.g.‘live’ design projects, student internships, guest lectures and more.


Through collaboration with Nina Bedding a ‘Pitch a Product’ workshopwas developed to work with 3rd-year OT students which captured theirexperiences, both positive and negative from clinical practice allowing them touse some entrepreneurial skills to come up with potential innovations. Onceanalysed by NYMAS and where further questions arise, focus groups will becreated to further explore the view of students. We will be able to share theideas generated by our work with the students in our case study. 

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 5 Mar 2020
EventLearning and Teaching Conference 2020: Enhancing Student Success for Education 4.0 - Teesside University, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
Duration: 5 Mar 20205 Mar 2020


ConferenceLearning and Teaching Conference 2020
Abbreviated titleLTE 2020
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


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