I, Cave

Heike Salzer, Georgina Starr

    Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


    The 'I, Cave Ceremony' marked the opening of Georgina Starr's solo exhibition 'I,Cave' at mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) on 9th April 2015. The performance, which began as a procession through the mima gallery atrium, activated key elements of Starr's installation with performed poetry, sound and scripted action. The poems were spoken, shouted and sung by the performers inside and around 'The Tunnel' (2015), a large sculpture which served as mouth piece, stage, entrance, exit and speaker chamber. The performers enacted specific choreographed movement relating to the sculptures, costumes, photographs and drawings in the exhibition. Starr conducted the action from behind a typewriter where the sounds and colours of the words being typed dictated the tempo of the ceremony. Two 12" vinyl records, Alberto Ginastera's 1967 opera 'Bomarzo'* and Starr's own record 'Mum Sings Hello'** played central roles in the performance alongside a cast of 5 female performers, 10 year old twin girls and a case of emerging Emperor Moths. Starr has described the piece as being partly inspired by a vision she had while visiting Bomarzo, the Parco dei Mostri (Park of Monsters), a 16th century sculpture park in Italy created by Pier Francesco Orsini. Written & directed by Georgina Starr
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 9 Apr 2015


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