Indicators for the optical measurement of sulphur dioxide gas

Ashutosh Sharma, Zulfiqur Ali, Daniel Mcstay, Tuan Vo-dinh (Editor)

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    A number of fluorophores were investigated for their suitability to be employed as indicators in SO2 measurement. Several indicators, including PAH's, 5(and 6) carboxy- 4'-5'-dimethyl fluorescein, new fuschin, hydrazine hydrochloride, and chloropyridine hydrochloride, showed decrease in the fluorescence intensity with increase in SO2 concentration. Fluorescence quenching of benzopurpurin by SO2 is found to be extremely efficient, with a little or no interference from the other toxic gases NH3 and H2S. These results are analyzed using Stern-Volmer relation. The finding is considered to be of potential utility for the development of an improved fiber optic SO2 sensor/probe.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationEnvironmental and process monitoring technologies
    Publication statusPublished - 1992
    EventEnvironmental and Process Monitoring Technologies Conference 1992 - Los Angeles, United States
    Duration: 20 Jan 199222 Jan 1992


    ConferenceEnvironmental and Process Monitoring Technologies Conference 1992
    Country/TerritoryUnited States
    CityLos Angeles

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