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    (In)Formalities combines innovatively expressive movement, live trumpet, text, and a bunch of quirky characters to explore Englishness, formal events, and when nothing goes to plan! Fanfares. Marches. Speeches. Dry coughs…
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    Publication statusPublished - 6 Nov 2008

    Bibliographical note

    Lorraine Smith (Silversmith Dance Theatre 2006-2014) uses the art of dance and storytelling to create gripping intimate live performance, revealing the delicacies and complexities of how environments and social structures affect identity and human interactions. Lorraine constantly engages in practice based research through performance, always creating with an aim to evolve choreographic knowledge and approaches. Research includes the creation and performance of character for live performance.

    Director: Lorraine Smith
    Choreography: Lorraine Smith & performers
    Composition/Musical Direction: John Chambers
    Performers: Sylvia Ferreira, Dusty Payne, Catherine Pinhorn, Fiona Smith, Ianthe Wright
    Musician: Chris Dowding

    • Blue Elephant Theatre • Seedbed, Hackney Empire • Accidental Festival 2009, Roundhouse • GroundWork 7 & ScenePool 2009, Camden People’s Theatre • Practice, Salisbury Arts Centre

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