Investigating identity fraud management practices in e-tail sector: a systematic review

Zahoor Soomro, Javed Ahmed, Mahmood Shah, Khalil Khoumbati

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    Purpose: Identity fraud is a growing issue for online retail organisations. The literature on this issue is scattered, and none of the studies presents a holistic view of identity fraud management practices in online retail context. Therefore, this study aims at investigating the identity fraud management practices and presents a comprehensive set of practices for e-tail sector. Methodology: A systematic literature review approach was adopted, and the articles were selected through pre-set inclusion criteria. We synthesised existing literature to investigate identity fraud management in e-tail sector.Findings: The research finds that literature on practices for identity fraud management is scattered. Findings also reveal that firms assume identity fraud issues as a technological challenge, which is one of the major reasons for a gap in effective management of identity frauds. This research suggests e-tailers to deal this issue as a management challenge and counter strategies should be developed in technological, human and organisational aspects. Research limitations: This study is limited to the published sources of data. Studies, based on empirical data, will be helpful to support the argument of this study, additionally future studies are recommended to include a wide number of databases.Originality: This research makes unique contributions by synthesising existing literature at each stage of fraud management and encompasses social, organisational and technological aspects. It will also help academicians understanding a holistic view of available research and opens new lines for future research.Practical implications: This research will help e-tail organisations to understand the whole of identity fraud management and help them develop and implement a comprehensive set of practices at each stage, for effective management identity frauds.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages51
    JournalJournal of Enterprise Information Management
    Publication statusPublished - 30 Apr 2019


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