Is Technology Affecting the Way Our Minds Operate? Digital Psychology of Users in the Era of Digitalization

Ishamuddin Mustapha, Nohman Khan, Muhammad Imran Qureshi

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In recent years, digital media has become pervasive in modern cultures. The number of internet users is at an all-time high, not just because of laptops and PCs, but also because of smartphone penetration, which makes it simpler and more accessible to people of all ages. Digital psychology has recently become an essential tool for organizations and scholars to better understand client psychological behaviour. The current study focuses on the literature on digital psychology since the advent of online goods buying and selling. It's tough to accept abrupt changes in one’s manner of doing things. For this purpose, the Scopus database is selected to extract data on digital psychology. The keywords for this study used are digital psychology, and after a detailed screening process, the final of sixty articles is included in the review. In order to gather data on digital psychology, the Scopus database was used. The study keywords included “digital psychology”, and the final sixty papers are included in the review following a thorough screening procedure. For data selection and rejection, the methodological element adheres to the PRISMA declaration from 2015. Year basis, journal base, and most referenced part are all discussed in the description section. The writers classify the data based on their results, settings, and processes. Digital environment, psychology, and behaviour are three key areas in which the literature is classified.

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