Mechanisms with Monitoring for truthful RAM allocation

Annamaria Kovacs, Ulrich Meyer, Carmine Ventre

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    Novel algorithmic ideas for big data have not been accompa- nied by advances in the way central memory is allocated to concurrently running programs. Commonly, RAM is poorly managed since the pro- grams' trade o s between speed of execution and RAM consumption are ignored. This trade o is, however, well known to the programmers. We adopt mechanism design tools to truthfully elicit this (multidimensional) information with the aim of designing more clever RAM allocation al- gorithms. We introduce a novel paradigm wherein programs are bound to overbidding declarations of their running times. We show the limi- tations of this paradigm in the absence of transfers and prove how to leverage waiting times, as a currency, to obtain optimal money burning mechanisms for the makespan.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 9 Dec 2015
    Event11th Conference on Web and Internet Economics - CWI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Duration: 9 Dec 201512 Dec 2015


    Conference11th Conference on Web and Internet Economics
    Abbreviated titleWINE 2015


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