New Directions for Student Engagement in Authentic Healthcare Assessment

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Since the onset of the pandemic  universities have had to rethink how the significant resources devoted to assessment might be reconfigured (even reimagined) to support student learning amid the switch to online modes of study. Upholding commitments to authentic assessment practices in such an uncertain learning context, particularly for those programmes with a professional practice focus, has demanded significant pedagogic flexibility and creativity in ensuring the assessment of student learning remains a positive and productive process, which adds value to the student experience and has inherent authentic value. This article brings together practice innovations from three different Healthcare programmes (BSc Sport and Exercise Science, BSc Radiography, and MSci Chiropractor) that have aimed to design and implement alternative authentic assessment arrangements. The paper explores the extent to which deploying these alternative digital assessment strategies has been a vector for change in healthcare assessment practice. Key findings reveal how resources can be effectively utilised to enhance the student learning experience through better access to assessment information, a broader range of tasks, timely feedback, student-student and student-staff dialogue around assessment, and support for peer and group assessment. 
Original languageEnglish
JournalStudent Engagement in Higher Education Journal
VolumeIn Press
Publication statusPublished - May 2022


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