Notions of ‘experience’ in a high performing primary school: implications for practice development

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Focus: one of the pervasive and taken-for-granted concepts in professional practice called ‘experience’ that we arguably all seek, enable others to develop, use to make the case for hiring or firing employees with potential implications on the performance of the organisation. Yet, it remains one of the most underresearched fields of study.
Approach: a literature-based prism of ‘experience in retrospect and in prospect’ within an overall Nuanced Critical Realist social theory approach. These theoretical apertures and frameworks inform the analysis of case study data from a high performing primary school (Rising Star -RS) in a low performing local
authority in the North of England, Findings: ‘Experience’ can be understood and applied differently. In the case of RS, outstanding pupils’ outcomes can be linked to a matrix that combines both experience in prospect and in retrospect. This combination is represented by a ‘RS retrospection and prospection wheel’ made up of four core spokes (individual, collective, spatio-temporality and consequences) that are unified by a four-pronged disk/hub that arguably set RS as a ‘collective auctor’ onto a counter-performativity trajectory of its own.


ConferenceInternational Professional Development Association Annual Conference 2018
Abbreviated titleIPDA 2018
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom
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