Positive Journal Writing Across Multicultural Contexts

Megan Hayes, Llewellyn van Zyl

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The purpose of this chapter is to offer a self-directed, evidence-based, positive psychological intervention protocol for positive journaling. Specifically, the chapter proposes that effective positive journaling interventions require at least four distinct phases: 1) exposure to a range of positive emotions and discussion of these emotions in context; 2) offering an initial guided/structured writing intervention over three days in the form of a ‘positive journal’; 3) follow up support and discussion of the intervention to evaluate suitability; and finally 4) if appropriate, directing the client towards self-directed ‘ownership’ of this tool by encouraging the maintenance of a regular positive journal practice. In recommending this protocol, the present chapter draws upon extant qualitative and quantitative studies in support of positive writing, as well as highlighting its potential value across multi-cultural contexts. Also offered is a theoretical reflection upon the ways in which such a tool might be further developed to incorporate broader aspects of the field of positive psychology, beyond positive emotions, such as self-compassion or character strengths.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPositive psychological intervention design and protocols for multi-cultural contexts
EditorsSebastiaan Rothmann, Llewellyn van Zyl
ISBN (Electronic)9783030200206
Publication statusPublished - 13 Jun 2019

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