Processing Perec: The Species of Spaces Container Ship

Michael Hall

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This project explores Perec’s Species of Spaces through collaborative batch production: the
creation, production and display of a new publication featuring multiple graphic “voices”.
Researchers explore the roles of artist and designer as author (Rock, Lupton, Poyner) and as
editor, curator and producer (Bourriaud). Multiple responses allow artists and designers to
practice in the generation of polyphony and heteroglossia (Bakhtin).
Perec has been translated from French to English, but what can artists and designers
discover by translating the written and spoken word to new dialects that are visual, tactile
and sensorial?
Principal Investigator in this project, Mikel Horl, has 30 years of professional experience as
book artist and designer and director of publishing projects. Other researchers include MA
students in Art and Design disciplines and professional graphic artists based in UK, Spain
and Japan.
As an editorial group participants in this project respond to chosen passages from Species
of Spaces and discuss, through the development of creative responses, an appropriate
strategy for organising and packaging the material produced.
Successful completion of this project brings new insight to the working processes of
authors, editors, illustrators and book artists. The origination and production of new
narrative works broadens understanding and sensitivity across disciplines.
The production and dissemination of multiple items demonstrates new approaches to
artistic editorial publishing. The published Container Ship, and its cargo, is exhibited at the conference event.
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Publication statusPublished - 2014

Bibliographical note

Species of Spaces: a Transdisciplinary Conference on the Work of Georges Perec, Teesside University, Darlington and Middlesbrough, UK

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