Psychological stress, anxiety, depression, job satisfaction, and personality characteristics in preregistration house officers

D. Newbury-Birch, F. Kamali

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    Work related stress and anxiety may have a profound effect on an individual's well-being. In the case of doctors this may also affect patient care. This study measured stress, anxiety, and job satisfaction and the influence of personality factors on these in a group of preregistration house officers in the north east of England. A total of 109 preregistration house officers anonymously completed a lifestyles questionnaire designed to measure self rated psychological stress, state anxiety, job satisfaction, and personality characteristics. Results showed that 37.5% of women and 24% of men preregistration house officers suffered from possible psychological stress. Altogether 38.9% of women and 5.4% of men were suffering from possible anxiety and 8.3% of women and 2.7% of men were suffering from possible depression. The mean (SD) job satisfaction scores were 83.8(17.4) (range 52-127; median 86.5) for men and 80.5(16.7) (range 41-114; median 81) for women. Altogether 30.6% of men and 41.7% of women reported to be dissatisfied with the organisational processes in their job. There were significant negative correlations between stress and job satisfaction scores (r = -0.508; p<0.0001) and between anxiety and job satisfaction scores (r = -0.421; p<0.0001), and significant positive associations between anxiety and stress scores (r = 0.593; p<0.0001). Stress, anxiety, and depression scores were significantly cor-related with neuroticism scores in both men and women. The personality characteristic of neuroticism was a predisposing factor for stress and anxiety in the junior doctors which may be taken into consideration when offering support and counselling.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)109-111
    Number of pages3
    JournalPostgraduate Medical Journal
    Issue number904
    Publication statusPublished - 17 Feb 2001


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