SIDER - Middlesbrough Art Weekender 2019

Lorraine Smith (Other), Annie O’Donnell (Other), Peter Heselton (Other), David Griffiths (Other), Katy Cole (Other), Sarah Tulloch (Other)

Research output: Non-textual formPerformance


SIDER was an exhibition at Pineapple Black Gallery as part of the Middlesbrough Art Weekender 2019. The exhibition brought together two established collaborative groups of Teesside and Tyneside artists: Katy Cole, Annie O’Donnell and Sarah Tulloch, together with David Griffiths, Peter Heselton and Lorraine Smith.

SIDER examines expanded ideas of what collage can be - from cut and pasted paper, to sculptural assemblages, photographic projections, dance and sound interventions. Continuing the tradition of collage as a strategy for cultural critique, SIDER acts as a satirical marker for the place of the artist in an ever more bizarre political and social future.

The opening and closing events included live interactive improvised performances by dance artist Lorraine Smith. These two performances involved improvised performance in response to interactions with the wearable sculpture of Annie O'Donnell, accompanied by live soundscore by Peter Heselton and David Griffiths. The closing improvised performance Finissage used the idea of 7 levels of crisis to structure the piece.

Both performances were used as practice as research to continue the exploration of Barbieri’s costume-based approach to methods of devising performance (2012), and Jacques Lecoq’s LEM approach, specifically working with openness and intuition when working with wearable sculpture. These approaches were pushed further by allowing the material/wearable sculpture, chosen and placed on the body by the artist/designer, to direct Smith as the performer. This experimentation impacted the evolving relationships between the wearable sculpture/costume, the [moving] body, the environment, and the audience during the live performances, raising new questions regarding the concept of agency in costume performance.

This free exhibition encouraged new audiences to engage with Teesside and North East artists. The two performances also engaged the audiences in a new art form, with the audience interactions aiming to spark new connections, physical and theoretical in the participants.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 25 Sept 2019
EventSIDER: Middlesbrough Art Weekender 2019 - Pinapple Black Gallery, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom
Duration: 27 Sept 201925 Oct 2019

Bibliographical note

Middlesbrough Art Weekender is an annual contemporary arts festival happening across the town of Middlesbrough. Since 2017, The Middlesbrough Art Weekender has been bringing new, innovative and exciting art to Middlesbrough and Teesside. MAW 2019 included a full programme of events, exhibitions, performances and screenings exploring the theme of ‘autonomy’, although the common theme of the festival remains its inclusivity and all-ages approach to visual arts.


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