Snowballing citations

Helen Handoll, Gregory Atkinson

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    In August 2015, one of us (HHGH) received an unsolicited email from the publishing company Elsevier announcing a citation of her short letter published in 2006.1 The letter had attempted to correct a considerable overestimate of the number of Cochrane reviews on rehabilitation interventions (figure⇓).1 Intrigued, she investigated further and found that, as of August 2015, this modest letter had had 62 citations, all of which related to meta-analyses of genetic risk factors. The first of these meta-analyses was published in 2009 and all the lead authors were based in China. Consistently, authors referenced the letter to support their use of the Cochran Q-statistic for exploring heterogeneity of effect sizes, rather than to highlight the need for Cochrane reviews on rehabilitation.
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    Publication statusPublished - 14 Dec 2015


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