The artificial tree (AT) algorithm

QQ Li, Kai Song, Zhicheng He, Quan Bing Eric Li, Aiguo Cheng, Tao Chen

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Bionic intelligence algorithms have many advantagescompared withtraditional optimization algorithms. In this paper, inspired by thegrowth lawof trees, a new bionic algorithm,named artificialtree (AT) algorithmis developed. In the proposedAT, the branch position isconsidered as the design variable.In addition, the branch isthe solution, and the branchthicknessistheindicatorof the solution. Thecomputingprocess of ATis achieved by simulating the transport of organic mattersand the update of tree branches. Thecomparative analysis using thirty typical benchmarkproblemsbetween ATalgorithm and some well-known bionic intelligent methodsis alsoperformed.Based onnumerical results, AT is foundto beveryeffective in dealing withvariousproblems.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)99-110
Number of pages12
JournalEngineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Early online date17 Aug 2017
Publication statusPublished - 31 Oct 2017


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