The Glass

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The final episode of the bestselling trilogy... ‘Now, I take the dress in my hands. I sit very still for a moment, letting my mind quieten and I can just hear the rhythm of something, like far-off music. It’s a sound that is strange to me and familiar at the same time…’ Ella and Fabbia are back in this, the third instalment of the bestselling Everyday Magic Trilogy. Ella travels to Venice to stay with her artist aunt, Valentina, in her apartment in the wing of a crumbling palazzo. In amongst Venice's labyrinth of backstreets, churches and cafés, she discovers the mysterious portrait of Augusta Franzi, the daughter of a seventeenth century coffee merchant, and her fated relationship with Luca, a glassblower. As Ella unravels their story, she begins to realise that it has echoes of Valentina's past and ripples that spread further than she could have imagined. Meanwhile, back in York, Fabbia has her own questions to answer about the future of her relationship with David. Will Ella be able to use everything that she's learned about ‘everyday magic’ from Fabbia and Madaar-Bozorg to help Valentina become the author of her own future? Will Fabbia finally reach a decision? Vintage fashions, Venetian nights and the healing power of story. The Glass is the third book in the Everyday Magic Trilogy.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2014


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