The Impact of Costume on the Performing Body

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    In this session dance artist and lecturer Lorraine Smith will explore the impact of costume on the performing body through her own professional performance and choreographic work and research. References will include projects with London College of Fashion, Huddersfield University: including excerpts from interviews investigating performer experiences of working with costume, and Lorraine’s own company work. The session will particularly focus on performer embodiment and how costume, and more importantly specific design choices, can enhance and impede the performer’s engagement with the desired intent (i.e. character, image, etc.). It will also touch upon the layers of meaning costume adds to both performer and audience experience/reading of a performance. Furthermore, the relationship between costume - performer and the role of ‘play’ will be explored. The session will engage the participants in a deeper understanding of the impact of costume on the performer and the complex and interconnected relationship this creates, demonstrating that costume is not merely a ‘decorative’ addition to a performance, but an essential element for both performer and audience engagement in a ‘total theatre’ experience.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 5 May 2016


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