The role of dentists in clinical tobacco cessation interventions: The status in Nigeria

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There are myriads of oral diseases associated with chronic tobacco use. Dentists are influential leaders in oral healthcare and many tobacco users do seek them for clinical care. However, in Nigeria, anecdotal and scientific evidence shows that dentists play little or no role in clinical tobacco cessation interventions. Many Nigeria dentists fail to play a role in clinical tobacco cessation interventions due to deficits in knowledge on clinical management of tobacco addiction. Unlike in some other foreign dental schools, clinical tobacco cessation intervention is not included in the academic curriculum of dental schools in Nigeria. Hence, it is recommended that a review of the curriculum of dental education in Nigeria should be conducted, favoring the incorporation of tobacco cessation intervention into the curriculum. Also, clinical guidelines on the implementation of clinical tobacco cessation intervention strategies should be developed for Nigerian dentists.

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JournalPopulation Medicine
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2020

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