The Wild-er-ness Project

Robert Burton, Ana Baer, Heike Salzer, Michelle Nance, Ian Bailey, T..J. Simon

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact


‘Wild-er-ness’ is a significant blend of site specific and site adaptive material, intimately woven into a multidisciplinary performance in the intersection of dance, video, music and textile art. Consistent with an artistic research schema in the fields of dance, video and textile arts WECreate incite new challenges for the original creation of “Wild-er-ness” by integrating the notion of textile art as an innovative starting point for collaborative practice and co-curation. A collection of three garments were developed for the Wilderness project that became integral to the site-specific nature of the work and the subsequent iterations in gallery installation.

Ethnographic research explored both the topographic landscapes of the site on the North Yorkshire moors but also responses to sociocultural local narratives. The research recognised both the oral, the visual and the atemporal readings of the place and space. In a Derridean reference to the return or persistence of elements from the past, as in the manner of a ghost the artefacts also selectively feature a fullness in folds representing an English landscape that folds and unfolds, the sense of the timeless that is ever unfolding and the metaphor of cloth as used by Deleuze in the metaphysical experience of human existence and being as a continually enveloping , folding and unfolding in becoming and transformation.

‘Wild-er-ness’ has been shown regularly at international film festivals including the Cine Corps festival Rennes and the Seyr festival Tehran and was awarded a major prize for innovation at the won the award in the category of INNOVATION at the 2nd Jeju Drone Film Festival 2019, in South Korea. The works were featured in the ‘Latent Spaces’ exhibition in USA 2018, Mexico and Brazil 2019.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 22 Sept 2017
EventSans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema: [UN]W.R.A.P.: Dance Cinema - Theatre and Dance Building University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, United States
Duration: 22 Sept 201724 Sept 2017


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