Thou Shalt

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Thou Shalt is an exploration into the complex lives of Puritan colonial women, a time when religion suppressed self-expression. This piece is historical and atmospheric and draws upon the paranoia felt at the time: fears of the Quaker Movement, accusations of witchcraft, as well as the inability to confess sins within the Puritan faith. The show explores themes of identity, struggle, paranoia and resistance.
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Publication statusPublished - 10 Feb 2011

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Lorraine Smith (Silversmith Dance Theatre 2006-2014) uses the art of dance and storytelling to create gripping intimate live performance, revealing the delicacies and complexities of how environments and social structures affect identity and human interactions. Lorraine constantly engages in practice based research through performance, always creating with an aim to evolve choreographic knowledge and approaches. Research includes the creation and performance of character for live performance.
'severe self-denial versus secret all departments it was impressively artful.' Donald Hutera (The Times Dance Critic)
Choreographer/Director: Lorraine Smith
Composer/live musician: Patrick Furness
Costume Designer: Nadia Malik
Performers: Rebecca Duschl, Sylvia Ferreira, Anne-Maarit Kinnunen, Sophie Rivlin (Cello).

Resolution! 2011, The Place Robin Howard Dance Theatre
• Springboard 2011 (Dance 4), Corby Cube
• Rich Mix, London
• University of Chichester
• University of Northampton
• Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax
• Quinzena De Danca De Almada Dance Festival 2013, Lisbon

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