Transdermal Patch

Kalliopi Dodou (Inventor), Philippa Dooley (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


A transdermal patch is provided, wherein the patch comprises a cross-linked poly(ethylene oxide) hydrogel loaded with naltrexone, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate thereof, and an occlusive adhesive tape. The poly(ethylene oxide) hydrogel has a crosslink density of at least 4.5×10−4 mol cm−3 and not more than 16×10−4 mol cm−3. Also provided are methods for preparing naltrexone-loaded cross-linked poly(ethylene oxide) hydrogels, transdermal patches for use as a medicament, for example in the treatment of a specified condition with LDN therapy.

Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS2022387342
IPCA61K 47/ 10 A I
Priority date22/10/20
Publication statusPublished - 8 Dec 2022


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