Unwieldy waste materials: The work of Justin Carter & Onya McCausland

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This article offers a cultural geography exploration of two artworks discussed by Onya McCausland and Justin Carter during their collaborative talk Material, Agency and Meaning, organised by the Reading Landscape Research group at Glasgow School of Art in October 2021. This talk saw the artists weave discussion around themes of matter and materials, creative process, and experimentation, alongside a series of supporting images of their work and process. Explorative and dialogic in approach, the discussion and format helped highlight important thinking and processes behind both artist’s work and brought to light a series of shared concerns and methods. McCausland focused on her work creating Six Bells Red, a paint colour made from mine water waste ochres. This forms part of McCausland’s extensive project Turning Landscape CIC, which recycles ochre residues derived from the treatment of coal mine water into pigment for sustainable wall paint in the UK. Carter’s focus was his work from The Elephant in the Room (2021), featuring a display of prints and other objects at Rockingham Castle, Northampton. These prints were created using ink he made from Oak gall and rusted metal, materials he sourced from the castle and its grounds.
Original languageEnglish
TypeOnline article
Media of outputThe Drouth online
PublisherElectron Club
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2022


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