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The exhibition '3D Fiber Sculpture - What is Fiber?' features 119 small 3 dimensional textile art works by 65 artists from 3 different continents including Asia, Europe and America. Japanese fiber artist Kakuko Ishii who invited Burton to participate curated the exhibition. Ishii selected two works by Burton: VERSE #3 and VERSE #9. Burton’s work has evolved from a practice that represented the exotic to a recognising of the infra-ordinary in the everyday surface, image, substrate, fabric and materiality. Burton’s recent projects investigate the everyday and begin to realise aspects of comfort, wrapping, pulling and tying in a materiality of the everyday. The two works VERSE #3 and VERSE #9 are both small manipulated and transformed serigraphs on paper that are printed on both sides with imagery of fabric printed in one colour. The English word Verse meaning ‘a line of poetry’ derives from the latin Vertere ‘to turn’. In this way the Verse series of artworks turn, twist and fold. The paper is screen printed on both sides with a photographic image of an ‘everyday’ fabric. The paper then turns and folds suggesting the folds and twists in the fabric that is represented in image on the manipulated papers.
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Publication statusPublished - 8 Jul 2016

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