WECreateSpaces: Yuliana Lost

Robert Burton (Photographer), Ana Baer (Producer), Heike Salzer (Performer)

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact

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WECreateSpaces is a multidisciplinary performance and experimental film that blurs the lines between dance, video, music and textile art. The WECreateSpaces project explores concepts of memory and the temporal through their materiality using innovative textile techniques including rust printing, UV and digital print technologies in creative practice as research to create original responses through ephemeral material culture to examine fading memories and personal and collective memory, post memory and recollection (Turkle 2011, Brown 2004, Miller 2005, Stallybrass 1993). The artefacts investigate the stain as an element of mark, image and the indelible object that records and captures quotidian 'things' in time and space. The collaboration between dancers, choreographer/ videographer and textile artist in the WECreateSpaces project explores site-specific dance filmed in an urban environment in tandem with live choreography presented on stage. The footage captured in London and projected on multiple layered screens examines themes of memory and the visceral experiences of urban spaces. The work WECreateSpaces was premiered at Opening Dance Door Theatre, Harrison Theatre, San Marcos Texas in 2018. The screen dance version of the WECreate Spaces project was subsequently selected for screening at international film festivals throughout 2019 and was selected as a significant work of textile video art for 8th Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, Video Art Salon, Madrid 17th September - 3rd November 2019. The work has also been shown as installation and projection in international exhibitions in Texas, 2018, Brazil and Mexico 2019. As a legacy of the WECreateSpaces project new collaborative original highly acclaimed screendance and performance works have subsequently been created including WECreate Spaces Morelia, WECreate Spaces In Betweeness, WECreate Spaces Barriers and WECreate Memories; a commission produced during an invited residency at Dance Limerick Ireland.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputFilm
Publication statusPublished - 18 Oct 2018


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