What kind of other opportunities do public/alternative spaces offer us?

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“Place transfigures the perception and structure of the arts. A plaza provides a context of informality while a theatre one of grandeur” (Foulkes, 2010, p.,413)

How can taking work outside of a theatre transform both the work of the artist and the experience of the audience? I began my career as a choreographer and performer for and in theatre spaces. Over the past five years I have slowly been transitioning to making work purely for alternative and outdoor spaces. Working outside, I’ve witnessed the impact taking work out of theatres can have. This paper will discuss three in particular:

1. The impact of direct connection with an audience and how the immediacy of this feedback can help to develop an artist’s work.
2. The opportunity for interactivity that is created by removing the barrier of seating and stage and how this can lead to empowering experiences for audiences.
3. How outdoor works can engage with new audiences through removing barriers to access which can be created by theatres.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 11 May 2019
EventOut of the Frame: International Theatre Forum and Conference 2019 - Cluj, Romania
Duration: 10 May 201912 May 2019


ConferenceOut of the Frame
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